Service Packages

Our cleaning packages are designed to fit every budget and take the guesswork of deciding what services you need. Contact us for a complete specifications list for each of the packages listed below.

Easy Life House Cleaning presents:

Laundry and Light Cleaning

Hire a cleaning technician to wash, dry, fold or hang up your clothes and tidy up in between the laundry.

$38 an hour. 3 or 4 hours minimum.

We will use the quick wash and dry cycles on front loaders. NO BLEACH. You can add bleach to a load before we come so we aren’t responsible for any damage. Only cleaning soaps that never damage. We will not leave the dryer on when we leave your home for safety reasons.

Light cleaning includes: Emptying full trash containers, wiping off countertops, sweeping areas with dog hair, dirt, etc. picking up toys, straightening magazines and paper, fluffing couch pillows and making beds.

Basic Cleaning

The Basic cleaning package is for those who need a clean and tidy home without breaking the budget!

The following are done on every housecleaning visit.

  • Kitchen counter and sink sanitized
  • Outside of appliances cleaned off
  • Stove tops and drip pans cleaned
  • Shower and tub scrubbed and sanitized
  • Sinks, counters, and toilets sanitized
  • Clean mirrors; Make beds
  • Carpeted floors vacuumed
  • Hard floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Furniture dusted and polished
  • Empty trash and replace liners
  • Clean sliding glass doors
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Top of refrigerator wiped off
  • Cobwebs removed

Basic Plus Deluxe 1 Cleaning

A comprehensive surface cleaning that will keep your home clean and tidy on a regular basis.

  • Window sills dusted
  • Blinds dusted once on each side
  • Pictures & wall fixtures dusted
  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed or wiped off as needed
  • Vacuum or wipe out carpet edges

Basic Plus Deluxe 2 Cleaning

An extensive deep cleaning designed to thoroughly clean your home from top-to-bottom.

  • Kitchen cabinets cleaned off with disinfectant or oil
  • Bathroom cabinets cleaned off with disinfectant or oil
  • Ceiling fans & light fixtures dusted
  • Baseboards dusted or wet wiped


*Inside Oven

*Inside Refrigerator

*Inside Cabinets

*Inside Windows

*Wall washing

*THESE AREA’S ARE EITHER DONE AT FLAT PRICE OR HOURLY PRICE. We don’t clean or move large amounts of clutter. We ask customers to move large amounts of clutter if possible and we will clean around whatever clutter can’t be moved.  We can straighten areas but not move things around. We don’t clean up pet waste or human waste unless it’s a tiny amount.


Our cleaning packages are designed to fit every budget and take the guesswork of deciding what services you need. Contact us for a complete specifications list for each of the packages listed above.

First Time Cleaning

When starting a new residential cleaning account we are often asked why we charge more for the "first time" cleaning. A first time cleaning of a new residential cleaning account is more like a "spring-cleaning" and needs extra staff time to remove extra soil and build-up. Our staff may spend anywhere from 4 to 8 times longer to clean a first-time residential account than one of our existing client's homes.

Why The Extra Time?

A customer who has never had their home professionally-cleaned is likely to have soil build-up throughout the house. We often gain new clients who are dissatisfied with their cleaning service and decide to hire our company. We take the time to remove extra soil and build-up around your home so that we are starting out with a “fresh palette.” Here are some of the challenges we run into:


We put extra effort will into removing hard water stains from fixtures, tubs and sinks. We also frequently find build-up around the bottom of toilets, faucets, and other fixtures that must be removed. Shower doors may have lime, rust, and hard water spots. We take the entire room back to a clean starting point so in the future, regular cleaning will keep everything shiny and deposit free.


We clean the small cracks and crevices in the kitchen that some residential cleaning services overlook. The tops of cabinets, cupboards and refrigerators are places that often go undusted or uncleaned for long periods of time. We find grease and fingerprints on most surfaces, especially stove tops, refrigerator doors, and small appliances. A good overall cleaning is essential to remove the hidden dirt, grease and even unseen spilled food that need to be thoroughly cleaned up.

Living Rooms And Bedrooms

Home owners are often too busy to do a thorough cleaning job. As people get busy, they sweep and vacuum what's visible, but they tend to ignore vacuuming and sweeping behind or under furniture. Dusting is often a task that homeowners leave for "when there is time." We clean window sills, bookshelves, baseboards, ceiling fans, and other furniture that may have a long-term build-up of thick dust.

Hallways And Entryways

We clean these spaces that have build-up around baseboards and edges. It is important to keep these areas clean as dust and dirt is tracked in from hallways and entryways.

Removing the build-up of soil and grime is essential before we can get a home to looking its best.

Once the home has had a careful cleaning it will be faster and easier for our team to go in and clean on the schedule agreed upon. Getting back to a basic starting point is important so that we have a clean slate to work with. Beginning at the starting point we can make sure that every time we clean, your home will shine and you will be a satisfied customer!

Green Cleaning

While people understand the importance of cleaning with regard to appearance, they are often unaware of how a clean home affects their health. A clean bathroom and kitchen are two areas that we commonly think of as needing to be clean for health reasons. However, there are other issues within the home that can cause physical harm to your body. Also, the very chemicals we use to clean can have an adverse affect on you.

Guaranteed Home Cleaning Services Phoenix Poor indoor air quality has been proven to be a cause of health problems. Allergies to dust and mold are common, and can lead to potentially serious conditions. Most traditional cleaning chemicals are toxic, and can cause allergic reactions as well. These can range from minor annoyances to potentially life-threatening. Also, some chemicals are actually poisonous or capable of causing chemical burns. These chemicals can also enter the environment, affecting our water supply.

Here at Easy Life House Cleaning, we use environmentally friendly products and equipment, with the goal of providing you with a safe and healthy environment. Our chemicals are non-toxic, and many are derived from natural ingredients. We use HEPA-quality vacuums, which cut down on dust reintroduced into the air. Our carpet cleaning process removes dirt and allergens trapped in your carpets, in addition to making them look great.