Professional House Cleaner in Cave Creek, AZ

Most people barely have any time to themselves anymore. Life can seem like you are always on a wheel, with days spent commuting, working, eating and sleeping. Many people feel that they do not want... Read More »

How to Hire a House Cleaning Service in Phoenix, AZ

House cleaning in Phoenix, AZ isn't something most people love doing. Instead, it's one of those house chores that each family member tries to trade off for something else. Cleaning the... Read More »

Hire a Maid Service as Part of Home Management in Scottsdale, AZ

You probably think hiring a maid service to clean your home is not for you. That it’s for someone else that you just can’t relate too. Do words like elitist, rich, or spoiled come to... Read More »

House Cleaning Tips to Ease Your Task in Peoria, AZ

Although professional cleaners can be a great solution to having a clean and healthy home and office, it is still best that homeowners and business people involve themselves in-house cleaning their... Read More »

Choose Our Residential Maid Service in Glendale, AZ

You are always careful about choosing services to use in your home as you do not want to risk anything bad happening to the place. If you are going to bring someone into your house, you want to make... Read More »

Rely on Us for Affordable House Cleaning Help in Glendale, AZ

It is important that you get all of the help that you want with the cleaning work that needs to be done in your home, but it is also important that you do not spend a lot of money on that cleaning... Read More »

Hire Us as Your House Cleaner for A Great Looking Home in Peoria, AZ

If you are sick of cleaning your own home, and if you are tired of it being a mess all the time despite your best efforts to keep it clean, then you should hire a house cleaner in Peoria, AZ. Our... Read More »

Hire the Residential Maid Service You Can Trust in Scottsdale, AZ

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You Are Going to Love the Maid Service We Provide in Phoenix, AZ

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Easy life quality house cleaning in Cave Creek, AZ

 Keeping up with house cleaning seems to be an impossible task. With all the other demands of life, hiring maid service just seems like the right solution. With Easy Life Housing Cleaning in... Read More »

Know that Our Team Provides Quality Residential House Cleaning Services in Anthem, AZ

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Let Us Do Your House Cleaning to Give You A Great Looking Home in Peoria, AZ

If your house is a mess and you don't want to have to clean it up yourself, then you should hire us for your house cleaning needs in Peoria, AZ. We would be pleased to help you with this work... Read More »

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Tips on how to choose the best house cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ

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You Can Trust Our Residential Maid Service in Phoenix, AZ

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We Will Meet Your House Cleaning Needs in Litchfield Park, AZ

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Everyone needs a break every now and then and you deserve to get help with cleaning work when you just do not feel like taking that work on all on your own. You deserve to get help when you are... Read More »

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You are looking for a house cleaner in Cave Creek, AZ who is ready to help you right away with the cleaning work that you need to have completed in your home. You have never been a patient person... Read More »

Our Company Knows How to Do Residential House Cleaning the Best Way in Anthem, AZ

Our company does residential house cleaning in Anthem, AZ, and you can trust us to care for your home well. You can know that you can leave it up to us without any worries because we have done so... Read More »

Hire Us for The Affordable House Cleaning You Need to Have Done in Glendale, AZ

Get affordable house cleaning in Glendale, AZ done by a company that will make sure everything turns out well. Get it done by a company that will not make it seem affordable, but that will make you... Read More »

Choose Our Maid Service for Cleaning That You Can Trust in Peoria, AZ

You will get the maid service in Peoria, AZ you need when you hire our company for this job. We will be there for you when you need us most, and we will make sure that your home stays clean. You... Read More »

Choose Our Maid Service in Scottsdale, AZ

When you are looking for a service that you can rely on to clean your home as it becomes messy, trust our team to deliver the help that you want. When you are looking for those who will come to your... Read More »

Allow Us to Take Over Your House Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

When you would like to have your house cleaning in Phoenix, AZ done without any worries on your part, you should hire a company that has been doing cleaning work for a long time. And you should make... Read More »

Vacuum your upholstery in Carefree, AZ

Remove debris, such as dust, pet hair, dirt and food crumbs, from off the couch with a vacuum and an upholstery brush attachment. Take off the cushions and thoroughly... Read More »

Best way to Clean off Wooden Blinds in Scottsdale, AZ

  SIMPLE PROCESS Fill a bucket with a few inches of warm water. ... Use a clean sock or soft cotton rag and dab it into the water. ... Angle your wood slats... Read More »

Deep Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Our Maids will come in your home and clean it top to bottom while you relax and sit back. We use green products for sensitive people plus Pine Sol for those who like the smell. You can BOOK... Read More »

Maids are for an Easier Life! Hire Us! in Scottsdale, AZ

Hire our Maid service and get a massage! Your kids went back to school and now its time for you! We will clean your home from top to bottom or just do what you prefer. Maybe you just want a Basic... Read More »

Back to School Cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ

Soak it first! To make it easier!. . Make it fun. Have a good attitude!... Designate a closet for keeping things ... Clean the fridge weekly. ... Skip the old mop and bucket.Hire a... Read More »

How to Clean Marble Countertops in Peoria Az.

1. Fill spray bottle with warm water and a tablespoon of gentle dish soap. Shake bottle gently to mix the soap and water.  2. Spray the counter tops with the solution. 3. Wipe off the the... Read More »

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances in Phoenix, AZ.

To return the luster and shine to any stainless steel appliance please follow these simple steps: 1. Using a microfiber cloth spray appliance with vinegar and wipe only with the grain. ... Read More »

How to Clean LCD Screens in Glendale, AZ

  We have all been irritated by smudges and fingerprints on our TV screens. If you have children you especially know what I am talking about.  Cleaning the screen is easy, the only... Read More »

How to Clean Blinds in Peoria, AZ.

How to properly clean vinyl and wood slat blinds in Peoria AZ. Dealing with dust and debris on blinds is a tough task for any homeowner.  There are 3 good ways to clean them without... Read More »

Party Clean up in Glendale, AZ

  Start with the living room first of all. This is usually the most “infected” room.Gather the plastic cups in the nylon bags. Go around picking up bottles and cans and... Read More »

Cleaning Vinyl Floors in Scottsdale, AZ

One of the best green floor cleaners for vinyl flooring is apple cider vinegar. The acidity in the vinegar helps scrub off dirt and grime without leaving a... Read More »

Laundy made easy in Phoenix, AZ

1.      Read the Labels on your clothing. Also check the care labels on your garments and linens. 2.      Sort. Start by sorting the laundry by... Read More »

How to Clean Tile Floors in 85023

How to Clean Tile Floors in Peoria, AZ. 1 Sweep or vacuum the floor daily. This removes loose dirt, food crumbs and other pieces of debris that can accumulate on tile floors. Dirt... Read More »

How to Clean Marble Countertops in 85308

How to Clean Marble Countertops in Peoria Az. 1. Fill spray bottle with warm water and a tablespoon of gentle dish soap. Shake bottle gently to mix the soap and water.  2. Spray the... Read More »

How to Clean Hardwood floors in 85050

Cleaning hardwood floors without leaving streaks in Peoria, AZ   Cleaning Hardwood Floors without Leaving Streaks Put a 1/2 cup of vinegar to a gallon of water to clean hardwood... Read More »

How to clean shower grout in 85029

Cleaning Shower Grout in Cave Creek, AZ Bleach is a good cleaner to use no matter if you have used a natural cleaner or a chemical cleaner to get the initial shower grout cleaning done.... Read More »

How to clean mildew in 85029

Don’t use chlorine bleach or any other chlorine-based mildew cleaner. It can kill you and the mildew.  If you have a mildew problem bigger than ten square feet, you’ll want to... Read More »

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances in 85308

To return the luster and shine to any stainless steel appliance please follow these simple steps: 1. Using a microfiber cloth spray appliance with vinegar and wipe only with the grain. ... Read More »

Cleaning Flat Paint in 85023

Flat paint is a great way to cover your walls, there are many situations in which it can stain or become dirty. It is important to clean it as soon as possible. Stains left alone will only... Read More »

Cleaning Cherry Wood Floors in Phoenix, AZ

Vinegar and water is best for these type of floors. 1 cup of white, distilled vinegar to a gallon of water. Use a damp mop — not wet — or spray the solution on the floor and use either a... Read More »

Cleaning hardwood floors without leaving streaks in Peoria, AZ

  Cleaning Hardwood Floors without Leaving Streaks Put a 1/2 cup of vinegar to a gallon of water to clean hardwood floors. Use one of those mops that you put a pad on and take off and... Read More »

Easy Way to clean Baseboards in Glendale, AZ

Get a pile of Magic Erasers (or whichever kind you prefer), a bucket of warm, soapy water (or vinegar and water) and wipe off. Wring the sponge out well before you wipe so you don't leave wet... Read More »

How to Clean Marble/Granite Counter Tops in Glendale, AZ.

1. Using a spray bottle with a mixture of gentle dish soap and warm water spray the counter tops. 2. Use a microfiber cloth or soft sponge and wipe the counter tops. 3. Dry thoroughly. NEVER... Read More »

How to Clean Bathtub Stains in Phoenix, AZ.

1. Using a soft cloth thoroughly dry all areas of tub that need to be cleaned. 2. Use a spray bottle filled with vinegar and spray the stained areas liberally with vinegar. For extra tough stains... Read More »

How to Clean Bathtub Stains in Glendale, AZ.

1. Fill spray bottle with white distilled vinegar and spray stained areas liberally. 2. Wait 10-20 minutes. 3. Wipe away stained areas with a soft sponge. 4. Rinse out tub. For this and... Read More »

How to Clean Marble Countertops in Peoria Az.

1. Fill spray bottle with warm water and a tablespoon of gentle dish soap. Shake bottle gently to mix the soap and water.  2. Spray the counter tops with the solution. 3. Wipe off the the... Read More »

How to Clean Microwaves in Phoenix, AZ.

Easily clean any microwave in a few easy steps: 1. Put a few tablespoons of vinegar and a cup of water in a microwave safe bowl.  2. Place the mixture in the microwave and heat on... Read More »

How to Clean LCD Screens in Glendale, AZ

    We have all been irritated by smudges and fingerprints on our TV screens. If you have children you especially know what I am talking about.  Cleaning the screen is easy, the... Read More »

How to Clean Tile Floors in Peoria, AZ.

1 Sweep or vacuum the floor daily. This removes loose dirt, food crumbs and other pieces of debris that can accumulate on tile floors. Dirt that is allowed to sit in wet areas can... Read More »

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances in Phoenix, AZ.

to return the luster and shine to any stainless steel appliance please follow these simple steps: 1. Using a microfiber cloth spray appliance with vinegar and wipe only with the grain. ... Read More »

How to properly clean vinyl and wood slat blinds in Peoria AZ.

Dealing with dust and debris on blinds is a tough task for any homeowner.  There are 3 good ways to clean them without damaging them and with as little headache as possible. 1. Use a... Read More »

How to Clean Toilets in Cave Creek, AZ.

Put on gloves. Then with a damp sponge wipe down all areas of the toilet. Apply toilet cleaner on the inside of the bowl. Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. Then flush. Use disinfectant... Read More »

The Best Way to Clean a Toilet Bowl in Phoenix, AZ

Add 1/4 cup of Borax into the toilet bowl and stir it around with a toilet brush. Then put 1 cup of vinegar and let the mixture to sit in the bowl for about 20 minutes.... Read More »

How To Clean Ink off of Leather in Phoenix, AZ.

Spray the ink spot with hairspray. Let it sit for about a minute but dont let it fully dry. Use rubbing alcohol if hairspray does not work.  Lift deeper-set ink stains with nail polish remover.... Read More »

How to Clean Coffee out of Carpets in Anthem, Az

Spilled coffee or tea on yourself while you're out? Not to fear we have 7 ways you may or may not have heard of to clean up coffee stains out of carpets, clothes, cups and more. #1 Beer. Getting... Read More »

How To Clean Flat Paint in Anthem, AZ.

While flat paint is a great way to cover your walls, there are many situations in which it can stain or become dirty. It is important to clean it as soon as possible. Stains left alone will only... Read More »

Dusting that's Detailed in Phoenix, AZ

Socks Don’t waste money on expensive gadgets and gizmos for cleaning venetian blind slats. Just put a sock over your hand and gently clean the dust off. You can use some dusting spray on... Read More »

Mildew Cleaning with Green Products in Cave Creek, AZ

Don’t use chlorine bleach or any other chlorine-based mildew cleaner. It can kill you and the mildew.  If you have a mildew problem bigger than ten square feet, you’ll want to... Read More »

Best Way to Mop a Floor in Phoenix, AZ

Start out by filling your bucket or kitchen sink with hot water and some kind of cleaning solution. If you have a favorite, use that. A little dish soap and some vinegar is great just as well... Read More »

Uses for Whisk Brooms in Glendale, AZ

  You can use whisk brooms to sweep up small messes like crumbs on the floor and leaves on the doormat instead of taking the vacuum out. Makes your life a little easier.! Sweeps dirt and... Read More »

Cleaning a Stainless Steel Refrigerator in Phoenix, AZ

Cleaning off stubborn streaks and spots out of stainless steel refrigerator: 1. Mix a solution of 1 teaspoon dish soap and 1 quart hot tap water (wear gloves to protect your hands from... Read More »

How To Clean A Dishwasher's Inside in Anthem, AZ!

#1 Clear the drain Remove the bottom dish rack. Inspect the dishwasher drain, removing any gunk or food caught there. This will improve drainage, increase cleaning efficiency and prevent damage to... Read More »

How To Clean Your Vents in Goodyear Az!

Turn off the power to your heating and AC unit. Next, Begin unscrewing the vent covers, be careful not to drop the cover on yourself. Use a sponge, feather duster, brush, or extendable hose vacuum... Read More »

A Few Tips & Tricks on How To Clean Permanent Ink in Phoenix, Az.

Magic Eraser. You can believe it or not, but the wonderful Magic Eraser made by the Mr. Clean company is a perfect way to get rid of permanent marker from your leather furniture and almost anywhere... Read More »

How to Clean your Top Loading Washer in Anthem, Az.

After trying various diffrent ways, I personally found that this method was the easiest and most effective.So first begin by filling your washer with hot water, and adding 1 qt. of white distilled... Read More »

How To Clean the Inside of your Oven in Avondale, Az.

First wipe down your oven racks. Next wipe out the oven, After 12 hours or overnight, take a damp dish cloth and wipe out as much of the dried baking soda paste as you can. Use a plastic or silicone... Read More »

How to Get Scuff Marks off Your Walls in Phoenix, Az.

 Got Marks? If you have any scuffed up anoyying walls that you need to clean thats why we're here to help you. 1. Keep it simple. A rag, some warm soapy water, and a bucket. You can't go wrong. 2.... Read More »

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets in Litchfield, Arizona.

 Create a solution made from 1 part dish-washing detergent and 2 parts warm water. Then apply to your cabinets with a soft, microfiber rag, (the microfiber rag actully has 2 parts, dusting and... Read More »

How to Clean Your Corian Countertop in Litchfield, Arizona.

Wipe up spills with soapy water made with an ammonia-based cleaner and a soft sponge. Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads to clean your countertops, even if you have the matte finish.... Read More »

How to Clean Your Porch in Goodyear, Arizona.

Pour a small amount of dish soap in the bucket, then fill it up with water from the hose. Get the rag wet, then wash the garage door with it.For stains on your concrete, add 6-8 oz of bleach to a... Read More »

How To Keep your Car Clean Every Single Day in Peoria, Az.

1. DON'T EAT IN YOUR CAR. It may seem harmless but trust me, every time you eat in your car crumbs pile up more and more. 2. Don't let the rugrats make a mess in your car. 3. Clean messes up quick,... Read More »

How To Keep Your Desk-Top Clean In Peoria, Arizona!

Everything on your desk needs to have a purpose (Yes including that snow globe your cousin gave you 4 years ago). Only items you use on a daily basis should sit here. Drawers and pencil caddies come... Read More »

How To Clean Showers in Phoenix Arizona

      Cover your shower faucet with bag of vinegar and a rubber band. Leave it there overnight and you’ll have a clean shower head without all the struggle of scrubbing.     Soak your... Read More »

Sanitizing the inside of your dishwasher.

Has your dishwasher started to smell? Well your in luck, theres somethings that you can do to get rid of it. Try Dishwasher Magic, not only does it clean and deoderize but also kills bacteria run it... Read More »

Cleaning stove drip pans.

Drip pans, those lovely little round things that are on your stove under the burners. Not all stoves have drip pans. If your stove does have drip pans here are some tips to clean them.  Soak them... Read More »

Calcium stains in your Toilet?

Do you have calcium stains in your toilet? Fear not its not the end of the world you will survive. It may feel like suddenly theres a pink, brownish or even an orangeish colored ring in your toilet,... Read More »

Keeping it simple with scuff marks

 Have you ever noticed that those black marks just appear out of no where? Well these simple ideas can make removing them alot easier and you wont have to tear out your hair or rub holes in the... Read More »

Neat trick for cleaning up pet hair.

    Ever wonder some days about how in the world your pet has lost so much hair and yet is not bald. Well we can say now that there is an easy way of removing pet hair from just about anywhere in... Read More »

Super easy to clean a ceiling fan!!!

Tired of having to reclean your house after dusting your fan try this super easy trick.   When dust sits around, dust mites move in.  They contribute to sinus infections and allergies. A dusty fan... Read More »

Cleaning the inside of windows

The main reason for this advice is if you have mirrors or glass that hands often touch. They need soap or detergent to remove the grime and then wipe it away with a microfiber cloth. Then proceed... Read More »

Cleanig hardwood with vinegar Scottsdale, AZ

You can use vinegar to clean hardwood floors. Vinegar is inexpensive and nontoxic. It's a cheap homemaker’s best-kept secret. The next time you're shopping, stop in the grocery aisle and compare... Read More »

Daily Cleaning Routine in Goodyear

It can take anywhere between two months to eight months to build a new habit, so why not start by creating a simple daily cleaning routine to lessen the stress of everyday cleaning. In the... Read More »

How to Germ Proof your Home In Surprise

First, you will need a few tools: Disinfecting spray, rubbing alcohol or bleach, and water. The most germ-filled areas are the high traffic surfaces such as doorknobs, appliance handles, faucet... Read More »

Dusting like a pro in Scottsdale

Dusting is the solution to getting rid of unpleasant pollen, lint, and even dead skin cells. It also helps in preventing allergies. Use these tools to dust like a professional: Dusting rags, a... Read More »

How to clean your electronic devices in Phoenix

    Because electronic devices travel everywhere with us, Follow these useful tips to help prevent the spread of germs: Flatscreen Televisions Considering LED TV screens... Read More »

Why Not to Use Vinegar When Cleaning Wood Floors in Anthem, AZ

  When cleaning your hardwood floors, using water and vinegar will strip the chemical finish on the wood. Because vinegar is an acid, it only strips the finish on the surface of the wood,... Read More »

Tips to Dust Properly in Carefree, AZ

  Always dust from each room from top to bottom. If you don’t dust that way, you’ll simply allow dust to drift down to places you just cleaned. Feather dusters may seem glamorous, but they just... Read More »

Dust Your Light Bulbs in Cave Creek, AZ

If you want your house to look brighter, and you have already dusted your light covers, try dusting your light bulbs. Dusting the bulbs will give you as much as 50 percent more light. There are a... Read More »

The Proper Way to Dust in Glendale, AZ

The proper way to dust furniture is to grab the dust and then remove it completely. There are different tools that are much better at this job than others, and some tools will work better on... Read More »

Hypoallergenic Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Hypoallergenic Cleaning Our point of View According to the EPA, 15% of Americans are allergic to their own house or office. A cleaning product you use throughout the house should be... Read More »

Removing Grease and Ink Stains in Peoria, AZ

How to remove grease, oil and magic marker: Grease or oil: In your driveway or garage: Kitty litter will absorb most of the oil and grease. Apply and use a brush to work it into the concrete.... Read More »

Cleaning Products That Are Bad for You in Phoenix, AZ

Worst offenders when it comes to hurting you or the environment:   Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Methanol, and Ethylbenzene are chemicals commonly used in disinfectants, tub and tile cleaners, and... Read More »

Prepare Your Wall for Cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ

You might not see the dust, and maybe you think you don't care..because  you're going to be washing them anyway. But the dust is there and if you don’t remove it, it will make... Read More »

Clean Your House With a Toothbrush

Kitchen Stove All you need is an old toothbrush and soap solution to get rid of the food substances around your kitchen stove. This is one of the things to clean with an old toothbrush. Coffee... Read More »

Spring Clean Your Bathroom in Scottsdale, AZ

Time Required: 45 minutes-1 hour Dust down the ceiling and corners. Dust the vents and fans. Take down draperies, curtains, blinds, etc, to wash or have cleaned according to the... Read More »

Clean Your Flat Screens and Monitors in Peoria, AZ

Turn off your device. If the screen is dark, it will be easier to see the areas that are dirty or have oil on them. Use a dry, soft cloth and gently wipe the screen. A good choice would... Read More »

Dusting Baseboards in Phoenix, AZ

Pet hair in your home means extra cleaning. A dryer sheet to dust can help in many ways. Not just because it kicks the dust to the curb since it banishes static, but because it actually coats as it... Read More »

Cleaning Shower Grout in Cave Creek, AZ

Bleach is a good cleaner to use no matter if you have used a natural cleaner or a chemical cleaner to get the initial shower grout cleaning done. Bleach will really penetrate the last of the... Read More »

Clean a Toaster Oven in Phoenix, AZ

Start by unplugging the toaster oven, and taking on the easy-to-dump debris first. Simply shake any crumbs or other food particles into the trash. Next, remove the rack and pans, and spray them... Read More »

Maintaining Clean Blinds in Scottsdale, AZ

Regular maintenance of cleaning your blinds will cut down on the frequency of deep cleaning. Extend your blinds all the way. Tilt the slats up (or to one side if they are vertical) and dust lightly... Read More »

Using Sponges to Clean Your House in Glendale, AZ

If you prefer to use sponges to clean with instead of cloth: Sanitizing your sponge every time you use it is a must. You need to guard against cross contamination.. While testing common... Read More »

Knick Knack Cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ

  Pottery, ivory, bone, or other porous decorations should only be dusted with a dry cloth. Moisture or water will stain them. Likewise keep water and other liquids away from dolls and... Read More »

Wood Furniture Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

To clean the finish on your wood furniture just use warm water and mild dish soap. Cleaning furniture with water won't hurt it. Just be careful not to soak it. Use an old toothbrush for... Read More »

Microfiber Dusting in Carefree, AZ

 There have been several studies that have found that microfiber is better than cotton at capturing bacteria and dust. The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology... Read More »

Why Use Green Cleaning Products in Peoria, AZ

  Certain chemicals commonly found in conventional cleaning products present known or suspected problems for the people that use them and the environment once washed down the drain.... Read More »

Why We Use Oreck Vacuums in Phoenix, AZ

Oreck's upright bagged vacuums incorporate a "dirty air system" in which dirt is pulled through a fan that breaks it into smaller particles that get sucked up into the vacuum. The... Read More »

Caring For and Cleaning Travertine in Phoenix, AZ

Test and seal the stone — If your home has travertine installed in the bath, kitchen, dining room, etc., and it has a honed or tumbled finish, check with your designer to make sure the stone... Read More »

Proper Way to Use a Feather Duster in Glendale, AZ

The opinion that a feather duster only redistributes dust is incorrect. Certainly when an area is dusted infrequently, a follow up with wiping is the only way to get the remaining dust after it has... Read More »

Caring for Laminate Floors in Phoenix, AZ

Here's a few tips on caring for your Laminate floors to keep them beautiful. They need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep them from getting scratched or warped. Using harsh chemicals can... Read More »

Best Way to Dust Books in Carefree, AZ

Clean the outside of your book with a soft cloth or dry cleaning pad you can get at art supply stores. If your book is leather bound, rub a little petroleum jelly over the cover with a soft cloth... Read More »

Cleaning TV and Computer Screens in Cave Creek, AZ

If you have an old fashioned TV with a glass screen or CRT monitor, a paper towel or glass cleaner works great for cleaning up dust or fingerprints. Turn the TV off and let it cool off. then spray... Read More »

Clean Stained Cabinets in Scottsdale, AZ

Open the cabinet doors and empty out the contents and set aside. Mix a mild soap and water together in a small bucket. Wash the insides of the cabinets using the soap solution and a sponge.. Dry off... Read More »

Vacuum or Sweep a Hardwood Floor in Peoria, AZ

Vacuuming gives you maximum effectiveness when cleaning your hard floors. A broom doesn't pick up all the dust and dirt like a vacuum. Vacuums save time too. Vacuuming will help you prevent the dirt... Read More »

House Cleaners Needed in Phoenix, AZ

If you love to clean and make things sparkle, come and join our company. Good pay and flexible hours. Friendly staff and all the training you need. We'll teach you how to clean from top to bottom... Read More »

Cleaning Your Light fixtures in Glendale, AZ

When cleaning your light fixtures, if possible, remove the glass part and clean it separately. Fill up the sink with warm, soapy water and allow the glass to sit for several minutes. then wipe the... Read More »

How to Safely Clean Bamboo Floors in Phoenix, AZ

To safely clean your Bamboo floors you need to start with these items: Vacuum cleaner or broom and dustpan, Mop and bucket, water,and gentle cleaner safe for all wood floors. Start by vacuuming or... Read More »

Cleaning Granite Countertops in Phoenix, AZ

Make your own granite cleaner by using these ingredients: 1/4th cup rubbing alcohol or cheap vodka. 3 drops of Dawn or another dish soap, water, and 5 drops of essential oil if you want a nicer... Read More »

Clean My Bedroom in Glendale, AZ

Grab your supplies. Few of us have supplies to clean the bedroom actually stored in our bedroom. Gathering all supplies together before beginning the job will keep you from getting distracted and... Read More »

Uses for Cleaning with Lemon Oil in Cave Creek, AZ

Lemon oil is one of those ingredients that seem to work on a multitude of surfaces, cleaning effortlessly but retaining sheen and luster without coating them in wax, solvents or silicone. Lemon oil... Read More »

Best Way to clean Blinds in Phoenix, AZ

Follow these tips when cleaning different types of blinds in your home. 1. Vertical blinds: These blinds are best to clean while they are still hanging. First, go over the blinds with the dust... Read More »

Clean Your Mirrors Streak Free

The cleaning solution. You can make an affordable and effective cleaning solution from household items. Just mix one to two teaspoons of dish detergent in a large bucket of warm water. Optional:... Read More »

Quick Clean your Home Like a Pro in Glendale, AZ

Paid cleaning services are masters of the art of speedy, efficient cleaning. Watch professional cleaners at work: they don't waste time, cut corners or dawdle over the job--and they know how to... Read More »

Eco Friendly Vinegar for Cleaning

Vinegar is a natural food and contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives as vinegar is a preservative itself. Vinegar has many beneficial uses, either as a medicinal, or for cleaning and... Read More »

Clean My Dishwasher in Peoria, AZ

Vinegar is one of the most versatile liquids in existence—aside from water, that is. This acidic concoction can be used for cooking, killing weeds, and, yes, cleaning. When you combine vinegar... Read More »

Old Fashioned Oven Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

It's easy to clean your oven using commercial oven cleaner spray. Make sure to wear rubber gloves and eye protection if using oven cleaner. Read all product instructions and follow the manufacturers... Read More »

Oil or Dry Dust Your Furniture in Phoenix, AZ

Are you confused about dusting vs. cleaning, or waxing vs. polishing wood furniture? While experts have varying opinions on the care of wood furniture, it usually depends on the finish of the piece.... Read More »

Dusting Delicate Items in Sun City, AZ

It's time to dust your collection of glass animals or other delicate items. Put on some very soft fabric gloves to dust with. If your chandelier has become a haven for spider webs and dust, try this... Read More »

Bathroom Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

First gather your supplies to make your job easier. You'll need these items: Dust mop, step ladder, cleaning cloths, small bucket with handle, sponges or stiff brush, cleansers of choice, broom and... Read More »

Tips for Cleaning Rugs in Glendale, AZ

Rug care is determined by size, construction, and material. Care for large-size area rugs as you would wall-to-wall carpet. Vacuum large rugs to remove dirt. As with carpet, the most important... Read More »

Cleaning Hard to Reach Places in Scottsdale, AZ

Behind the Toilet It’s tough to clean the area that hides behind the toilet, because there is so little room to maneuver between the bowl and the wall.  Your usual broom or mop probably can’t... Read More »

How to Find a Great House Cleaning Service in Glendale, AZ

Here are some things to look out for when choosing a great cleaning service to clean your home or small office. Are they bonded and Insured? That's very important for your peace of mind. Bonded... Read More »

Best Way to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances in Carefree, AZ

When you clean any kind of stainless steel you have to understand how to wipe it the direction of the grain. Otherwise it won't be real clean because dirt gets inside the grain. Check to see which... Read More »

Cleaning Heavy Grease in Kitchen in Peoria, AZ

Cleaning sticky residue from stove tops and cabinets can be done with vinegar. Pour undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle and spray onto surface. Let sit several minutes. Wipe clean with a dish... Read More »

Basic Supplies to Clean Your Home in Glendale, AZ

Decide what type of cleaning supplies you should have handy to clean your home. There's dozens to chose from because people all have there own idea about what cleans best in their home. And what's... Read More »

Tips to Make Bathroom Cleaning Easy In Phoenix, AZ

Let's start with the bathroom. You can use lemon oil to shine the tiles of your bathroom. It also kills and keeps away mold and mildew. Use vinegar in your shower to stop hard water build up. Use... Read More »

Clean Your closet Tips in Phoenix, AZ

First of all you need to find out what fits and what doesn't and probably never will. Make 4 separate piles: Keep, Mend, Donate and Throw Away. Try on any clothes that you want to keep that you... Read More »

Best Way to Clean Trash Cans in Peoria, AZ

Here's a great way to clean your household trash cans so that you know it's really clean. First empty your trash can. Rinse your trash can with water, either in the bathtub, sink or outside in the... Read More »

Fragrance Free House Cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ

With colder weather being here, we usually have our home closed up to stay warm but we want it to smell good. If you are allergic to scented candles, there is other ways to make your home smell... Read More »

Clean Your House With Barkeepers Friend in Glendale, AZ

We at Easy Life House cleaning use Barkeepers Friend to clean so many things around the house. It's an old time favorite. Made in 1882. It's a non bleach cleanser and on the Green side of cleaning... Read More »

Cleaning Pet Dander in Your Home in Glendale, AZ

Pet dander can be a big problem when it causes constant allergies. We get attached to our pets so we need to find ways to get rid of pet dander in our homes. Designate one room in your home to be a... Read More »

healthy Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Most conventional cleaning products are inexpensive and easy to use. But most also contain chemical compounds that are dangerous to breathe and touch. They also contaminate the soil and water after... Read More »

Spring Cleaning Idea's in Cave Creek, AZ

Spring cleaning can be a big job. You need a plan to make it go smoother. First formulate a plan and set reasonable goals. Then make sure you have your favorite cleaning supplies on hand. If you... Read More »

Deep Cleaning in Peoria, AZ

We do hourly cleaning and will do your regular cleaning plus exra's you want done like window washing on one story homes, wall washing, laundry, folding and putting away clothes, Party cleanup,... Read More »

Clean Home Electronic's in Glendale, AZ

When you clean your electronic home equipment it has to be taken seriously to keep your stuff in good condition. Dirty equipment can lead to early errors and a shortened lifespan of the unit. Here... Read More »

De Clutter for Valentine's Day

When you decide it's time to de clutter get a little organized first. Let's do it together for Valentine's Day. Have a plan and do it your self or hire us to come help. First get a bag or box to... Read More »

House Cleaning for Valentine's Day in Scottsdale, AZ

Get ready for that special day by having your home or office professionally cleaned. We'll get it ready so you can have a romantic time alone with your Valentine or for a big party. We'll go through... Read More »

Party Clean Up Tip in Phoenix, AZ

Make sure to start with a nice clean house before the party so that it's not quite as hard to clean up. Have your favorite Maid service come out to clean or hire us (Easy Life House Cleaning). Use... Read More »

Clean and Shine Your Microwave in Scottsdale, AZ

Here's how you do it! Mix one cup of vinegar in one cup of hot water in a measuring cup or bowl. Set the microwave timer for 5 to 10 minutes. Carefully remove the hot liquid and then wipe out the... Read More »

Cleaning My Self Cleaning Oven in Phoenix, AZ

First you need to know what type of oven you have. Three types of ovens are: Self cleaning which has a feature to turn the oven on such a high temperature that it burns the stuck on food and grease... Read More »

Cleaning Company Choice in Peoria, AZ

Sometimes we just need help cleaning our home. Choosing a reputable cleaning service will save you time and energy so you can get other things done and still maintain a clean healthy living... Read More »

Cleaning on a Budget in Phoenix, AZ

Most of us have budgets to follow. Sometimes cleaning is the last thing we want to spend our money on. Here's a plan to have a clean house and save money. First purchase a caddy to carry your... Read More »

Vacuum Instead of Sweeping for Green cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Here's what some people say about this subject. Brooms just tend to raise the dust whereas a vacuum will capture the dust along with the dirt. Brooms are rather old school because vacuums are much... Read More »

Correct Way to Mop for Green Cleaning in Cave Creek, AZ

First, before getting your floor wet, clear your floor of anything laying on it. Sweep or use the stem of a vacuum cleaner to get under furniture and into corners. Get your cleaning supplies... Read More »

Dusting Tips in Peoria, AZ

It's nice to have some dusting tips to make the job easier. Here's a few ideas. Get some sock out that don't have matches and use them for dusting. Don't waste money on expensive gadgets and gizmos... Read More »

How Often Should I Vacuum? in Phoenix, AZ

Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis makes a big difference in how nice and clean your home looks and feels. Areas that get a lot of traffic from people and pets will need more vacuuming. Every... Read More »

Green Cleaning Company Microfiber Uses in Phoenix, AZ

Here's what we found out about microfiber cloths,  according to studies performed by hospitals. Microfibers are tiny strands (usually less than one-tenth the thickness of a human hair) that are... Read More »

Maid for Cleaning in Sun City

First grab your materials that you like to use when cleaning your house. Set the timer to 15 minutes and play some music to get yourself inspired. Divide your room into sections and move your stuff... Read More »

Domestic Help Using a Whisk Broom in Cave Creek AZ

A whisk broom is perfect for sweeping up small accidents like coffee grounds, or sweeping small spaces, like closets. It's a common tool that can be kept in your cleaning supply ccabinet or hung up... Read More »

Best House Cleaner Kitchen Grease Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Grease is a common problem in kitchen's. Frying bacon, chicken or sauteing veggies can splatter grease everywhere. It clings to your stovetop, cabinets, backsplash and many other surfaces in the... Read More »

Speed Cleaning Tips in Glendale,AZ

Having a checklist when cleaning your house can make a monumental task get done much faster. It helps you not to forget anything. You can speed clean thru your home if you have a list. It can be... Read More »

Buy a Gift Certificate for a House Keeper in Litchfield, AZ

Give the gift of time!  Gift Certificates are the best way to treat someone to a vacation from house cleaning....and everyone certainly would enjoy this vacation! Our cleaning services gift... Read More »

House Cleaning Tips for Floors in Carefree, AZ

Here are some tips for 3 types of floors. When cleaning Ceramic Tile floors use nothing but warm water and that works well. Be sure to vacuum or sweep first Never use a sponge mop for this type of... Read More »

Janitorial Service giving Natural Fragrance Ideas in Scottsdale, AZ

The human sense of smell is a very sensitive thing and can play a large part in your emotional and physical health. Try some non- toxic ideas to freshen your home. Mix part water and lemon juice and... Read More »

Cleaning Company for Disinfecting in Peoria, AZ

Disinfectants should not be used in all areas of the home. There is no need for that. The main areas that need disinfecting are the kitchen and bathroom. Most people have a fantasy about... Read More »

Cleaning Services to Prevent Dust Build Up in Phoenix, AZ

Use entrance mats. One in front of each outside door and keep them cleaned off. Outside mats can be hosed off to clean. You can also prevent dust build up by having inside mats for doorways. Keep... Read More »

Domestic Help in Carefree, AZ

Are you looking for someone to help around the house? We can do dishes or laundry for you. We will also clean your house from top to bottom. When looking for help, choose wisely. Chose a company... Read More »

Cleaning lady in Sun City, AZ

When you decide to clean your home, make a plan to follow. Dress for the task by wearing comfotable clothes that you can stretch in and shoes that your feet won't get tired in. Figure out how much... Read More »

Emergency Maid Service (Bathrooms) in Phoenix, AZ

Cleaning your dirty bathroom can be the most dreaded job. It's usually the room with the most germs so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Always work from top to bottom. Starting with the mirror,... Read More »

Home Cleaning Tips for Dusting in Phoenix, AZ

When dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, use a bendable extension duster. You won't need a ladder unless you have real high ceilings. Bend the top of it about 90 degree's to get on top of... Read More »

Hire a House Cleaner for my House in Glendale, AZ

If you make a plan on how you want to clean your house, it becomes much easier. Once you get started on your plan of attack, you won't want to quit until it's spic and span. Decide what you want... Read More »

House Cleaning tips on Bathrooms

Keep your bthroom sparkling! don't use scouring powder real often. There's no need and it's too harsh. After each shower take a few minutes to wipe down the tub and faucets with a terry cloth towel.... Read More »

Cleaning an Oven in Anthem, AZ

Before you clean an oven, make sure that you know what kind it is. For self cleaning ovens, run your self cleaning cycle as often as you need to but keep your window open or fan running so the smoke... Read More »

Microwave Cleaning in Carefree AZ

A quick way to clean your microwave is to put several wet paper towels inside and run it on High for 3 to 5 minutes. the steam from the water will soften the grime. After the paper toels cool off,... Read More »

Quick Clean Your Apartment in Phoenix, AZ

Having company in the next few hours or maybe couple of days? And your apartment is a mess. Her's a quick clean up metnod. Get some cardboard boxes or large bags. If you start with your bedroom,... Read More »

Cleaning the Glass in Your Home in Scottsdale AZ

If you use the right tools and cleaning methods, you should be able to get your glass streak free in your home. Here are some ideas. If you're diluting your glass cleaner, use distilled water. It... Read More »

Cleaning Chemicals and Allergy Sensitivities in Glendale, AZ

We have to keep our surrounding environment clean from bacteria and molds, etc. so that we can stay healthy. But if we are allergic to the chemicals that we're cleaning with we'll still get sick. It... Read More »

More Uses for Dish Soap in Anthem, AZ

Dish soap is one of the best cleaning agents and can fit any budget. Here are some of the many uses for it: Add a few drops of dish soap to a bucket of water to do your mopping. It will make your... Read More »

Cleaning with Lemon Oil in Peoria, AZ

Cleaning and shining your wood furniture with Lemon Oil throughout your home makes it look and smell terrific. It can also help remove stains in your furniture and prevent cracks in the wood. First... Read More »

Uses for Barkeepers Friend Around the House in Phoenix, AZ

There are so many uses for Bar Keepers Friend around the house. We like to us it at Easy Life House Cleaning. You can clean your grungy grout, remove mildew from shwers, remove grease from oven... Read More »

Cleaning Baseboards in CaveCreek, AZ

Cleaning our baseboards can be something we want to keep putting off but cleaning them makes your floors and walls look cleaner. For a quick cleaning, brush them off with a dust broom or for softer... Read More »

Household Cleaning Uses for Pinesol

Our company uses Pinesol because it's non toxic and even considered a green product. It has been around since 1920 and a favorite cleaning solution. the original scent was made with the Pine Oil... Read More »

Put the Natural Shine Back into Your Laminate in Phoenix, AZ

Incorrect cleaning methods can hide the shine on your floors. Test an area on your floor. Take a rag and moisten it with white vinegar. Rub the hazy area until you see the shine come back. If this... Read More »

Granite Stain Removal in CareFree, AZ

Granite adds beauty to your kitchen but a stain can change that. Granite is porous so stains need to be removed immediately. They have to be removed properly so the stone doesn't get ruined. Don't... Read More »

Cleaning your Fine Collectibles in Phoenix, AZ

Delicate items like pottery, glass or tiny figurines require careful cleanings to keep them in pristine condition. Never expose your art pottery or figurines to direct sunlight. It can cause fadinig... Read More »

Essential Oils for Cleaning in Glendale, AZ

Here are some essential oils that have cleaning power and fragrance: Lemon Essential Oil has a strong citrus smell because it comes from pressed lemon peels. It's used for cleaning furniture because... Read More »

Benefits of Microfiber Cloth in Phoenix, AZ

Microfiber mops, dusters, and cloths are light and easy to move around. This significantly diminishes the amount of time needed for particular cleaning tasks. A microfiber mop, for example, weighs... Read More »

How to Pick up Clutter in Your Home in Carefree, AZ

Picking up clutter is a time consuming process that can cause a lot of stress. Start with one small area in your home and do one area at a time. Get 5 small boxes or 5 trash bags to sort thing out... Read More »

Getting Your Home Ready for Christmas

Are you dreaming of the perfect Christmas? When you look around your house its hard to figure out how to get rid of the clutter, manage fall deep cleaning and prepare for Christmas. You need to make... Read More »

Quick Clean up After Thanksgiving in Glendale, AZ

Getting through Thanksgiving dinner and then having to clean up can be a big job. If you have the energy to only clean one room, the dining room would be a good place to start. Its the easiest .... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Mop in Phoenix, AZ

When choosing the right mop for your cleaning needs, you want something that does a great job and makes it easier. First look at the type of floors that you will be mopping in your home. If you only... Read More »

How to Clean Greasy Kitchen Cabinets in Anthem AZ

Cleaning grease off of kitchen cabinets can be a tough time consuming job if not done on a regular basis. But you can remove old hardened grease from your cabinets without damaging the surface. Here... Read More »

How to Clean Granite Countertops in Anthem, AZ

When cleaning your Granite countertops you will need these supplies: a soft cloth or sponge, bucket or large bowl, neutral dishwashing liquid, warm water, and a microfiber cloth. Add a few squirts... Read More »

How to Clean Books and Book Shelves

To keep the least amount of dust from accumulating on your books and shelves always keep your floors clean. Use a vacuum cleaner or dust mop because sweeping stirs up dust. Amicro fiber cloth with... Read More »

How to Get Cat Hair Off Your Furniture

There are several ways to remove pet hair off of your furniture. If you use a towel or blanket for your cat to lay on, simply put it in the washer with a cup of vinegar and the hair will wash off.... Read More »

How to Clean Floor Corners

To do the best job possible, first sweep or vacuum your whole floor. Use a wisk broom to get into the corners if a regular broom won't work. Using a vacuum attachment regularly will also help.... Read More »

A Fast Way to Clean Shower Grout

The natural method is the cheapest also. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide cost about 88 cents. Mix it with half water in a spray bottle. Spray on all the moldy areas. Don't rinse. You can use a bleach... Read More »

Cleaning Inside Kitchen Cabinets in Cave Creek, AZ

A good thing to start with when you're cleaning anything in your home is to use eco friendly products. You may even already have these in you kitchen cabinets. White vinegar, Baking soda, Club soda,... Read More »

Dusting High up Places in Phoenix, AZ

When you clean your home and you are doing a thorough job, you don't want to overlook the high up places that collect dust and debris. Ceilings, top shelves, tall furniture, and other hard to reach... Read More »

How to Clean a Greasy Floor in Scottsdale, Az

Use hot, soapy rags to clean up the heaviest areas of grease on the floor. The more grease you get this way, the less time you'll spend mopping. Fill your mop bucket with hot soapy water. Scrub the... Read More »

Cleaning Your Shower Curtain

Ther's nothing worse to look at when you are getting into your shower then scum on your shower curtain and sometimes with mold. Take your shower curtains down and put them in to the washing machine.... Read More »

How to Clean and Dust Wood Blinds

Excessive dampness may warp or discolor the slats, even if the wood is sealed. Dust can be easily brushed off with a soft dust cloth or vacuum cleaner attachment. This should be done regularly so... Read More »

Deep Clean your Toilet Once a Week in Glendale, AZ

First you'll want to put some gloves on. Spray the toilet bowl with a strong toilet bowl cleaner inside and under the rim. Spray half and half solution of vinegar and water or disinfectant from the... Read More »

How to Eliminate Household Odors in Glendale, Arizona

The best way is to get rid of the source. Keep your pets outside, take out the trash and smoke outside. Carpet and Upholstery harbor and emit odors. Instead of using deodorizing sprays or powders,... Read More »

Why Dust and Clean your House Often?

Even if you don't like dusting your home, it's well worth it. Dust carries millions of microscopic dust mites. They feed on human dead skin. They are found in fabric, stuffed toys, clothes,... Read More »

How to Make Your Stainless Steel Clean and Shine in Phoenix, AZ

To make your stainless steel sinks and appliances shine, you can use a natural or household product like Olive oil or mouthwash. Pour some Olive oil on a soft cloth. Clean and rub the spots away to... Read More »

Beautify your Home with a House Cleaning Service in Phoenix, AZ

Using a Maid Service is the best idea for people who don't have the time or energy to clean their own home or office. People hire a Maid Service so they have time to relax and enjoy the clean,... Read More »

Residential Maid Services Phoenix AZ

The Advantages of Hiring Residential Maid Services     Plenty of people do not have the freedom to be at home and clean up their homes due to work, business, or any other factors. Being busy... Read More »